Note: Since we completed our BDR mission in September 2015 we’re not actively fundraising, but you can still donate to our benefactor if you are so moved. Visit our CrowdRise funding page to learn more.  We’ll be informed of your donation. Please know that your participation at any level will have an impact and is appreciated. Thank you!

This is what the fundraiser was about: We took on a big challenge.  We stepped up our game to use our adventure and resources to give back. During our 2015 Backcountry Discovery Route Challenge we raised over $6,000 for Women’s Funding Alliance.  We chose Women’s Funding Alliance because we believe that empowering girls and women can change world.


Why WFA? We are partnering with Women’s Funding Alliance because their mission is near and dear to us – they exist to make sure women and girls in Washington have access to the resources that will put them on the path to leadership and economic equality.  This is critically important. Women and girls are the solution to many of the challenges currently facing families, communities and our economy in Washington State. In our state and around the world, we know that when women are supported and given the tools they need to succeed, their individual triumphs become victories for the entire community and have ripple effects for generations to come.






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