Practice What You Preach…Shal!

Many months ago, Steph and I developed this idea of Ride YOUR Ride. The idea behind it is to follow your truth, do what makes you happy and doing things within your limits and no one elses. Over the past year we have really tried to live with that idea in mind. But, I have to say, it’s not always easy.

About 8 months ago we started planning to ride the BDRs. Additionally, we made plans to ride the IDBDR with the “Dirty Girls” (our riding friends based out of the Seattle area.)  The Dirty Girls would then take us back home to Washington when our adventure was finished. What a wonderful way to end this epic adventure! Well, fast forward to present time – ID and WA have several forest fires in progress.  After much thought, four of the seven Dirty Girls decide to not take the risk of having to go around the fires and they pulled out of the ride. Two out of the bunch joined us at the start of the IDBDR and we spent a few days making our way north on the route. As we got closer to the fires, they decided to call it good and peeled off to finish up their vacation time away from the threat of fires. That leaves one other lone Dirty Girl to continue heading north up the IDBDR with us. We rode under blue skies for two more days while keeping our heads up and checking in with forest service about potential fire go arounds. Eventually, we were informed that the route through the Magruder Corridor and Lolo Motorway sections were closed off and impassable. At that point, having ridden six of the eight IDBDR sections we made the call to end the the journey and peel off to go our separate ways. Gotta say that it was very deflating and not how I saw the ending of this epic trip. Boo!

Dirty Girls Kay and Jill toasting coffee and a great start to the IDBDR

I struggled for several days with the fact that everyone was choosing to go off and ride elsewhere or not join us at all. What!? That’s exactly what we are trying to get people to do! I tried to understand why most of the Dirty Girls were choosing to do differently than us, but was still like, “Hey, but what about our plans?” “What is wrong with staying with the plan and rerouting as necessary?” Being in the backcountry with the threat of fires and being cut off from cell service and information for periods of time isn’t for everyone. “But, we’re not going towards or near the fires and there isn’t any threat of thunderstorms in the 10-day forecast!” “Come on, what’s the problem?” Again, this type of adventure isn’t for everyone. One’s commitment to adventure is determined by their level of interest, training, and risk. So, after much self- talk, and seeing my partner be more accepting of the situation, I have come to peace and truly support everyone in doing what feels good to them and not take it personally when people divert from the original plan. I do, really! I share my process because I want you to know that it is not always easy to Ride YOUR Ride and let others Ride THEIR Ride. And I want to just say that we have a very strong group of female riders who know how to Ride Their Ride even when they have to make a call and pull out of a ride that they have been planning for several months to follow their truth. I’m proud of these ladies for being strong and doing what feels good and right to them. Know that your friends do love you and that things will not always line up with each other. When people follow their bliss they are truly happy and Riding THEIR Ride.

The featured image was taken from Facebook from an unknown photographer.

Dirty Girl Carrie
Dirty Girl Carrie


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