Small town envy

August 29, 2015 the rustic Burgdorf Hot Springs, ID. Est. 1860.

One of the highlights of our travels has been the small towns we ride through. We’re talking population 25 to under 800 small. Where the roads are dirt, everyone knows everyone, and the dogs roam free. Without exception every one of these towns has left us smiling and a little bit envious. The folks we’ve had the pleasure of meeting could not be friendlier and we find ourselves staying longer than we planned. During our stays we’ve witnessed the residents helping each other out and genuinely welcoming in travelers.






At the café in Jarbidge, NV population 20, (the start of the IDBDR) the cook sat down with us and told us stories with the punch of a stand up comedienne. While she prepared our breakfast her boyfriend took us over to the community hall and showed us memorabilia and relics from a hundred years ago.


In Yellow Pine, ID population 32, we stayed in a cabin about ¼ mile uphill from the center of town. We walked to town, chatted with the locals, and ate dinner at the café while we waited on our laundry. After dinner the cafe owner offered to drive us and our clean laundry back up to the cabin.

In Bruneau, ID population 762, our food boxes were delivered to the post office but we arrived to pick them up 5 minutes after the 2:30 closing. Since we were just passing through this was inconvenient. Shal and I walked up the street to the bar asked the owner if she happened to know any one that worked at the post office who might be able to open it up for us to retrieve our boxes. She of course knew the woman who worked at the post office but said she was already on her way home 20 miles out of town. The bar owner offered to go get our boxes at the post office in the morning and bring them to the next town where we would be spending the night.


We’re fortunate and grateful to have experienced this slice of the U.S. The simplicity of living and strength of community leaves us more informed of what’s important to us, and where we might like to settle down.




  1. Awesome Steph….what a look into the best of Americana. THANKS for the sharing and looking forward to buying you that Pilsner

  2. i love this article, Stephanie. i’m so happy that you and Shal are having such wonderful experiences. love you. mom

    1. by the way, you look right at home sitting in front of the mercantile. ( little house on the prairie….sing along!)

    1. So good to meet you Ann. We hope to make it to YP again! We have to go back and do the Macruder Corridor and Lolo Motorway. Maybe you’ll want to do it with us!?

  3. Great recap, Steph. How neat Ann wrote above; we gotta ride with her in the future. I will cherish my time with you and Shal. 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to get out there! My husband and I just bought BMW GS 700/800 adventure bikes and want to ride the BDRs. We have racks and cases/bags for the bikes and camping gear. We just need gear for ourselves. We came from riding sportbikes on the track.
    My husband was just telling me about thses ladies who were riding BDRs all around the country… how amazing to find that my co-worker friend, Karen, is friends with you!

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