What it means to be a team player…

Being a team player means you have to put your own desires aside in order to ultimately be successful.  When we started out over a year ago, Steph was extremely patient with me while I still had struggles with some of my body parts from my accident 4.5 years ago. And now on the second part of our 21,000 mile tour, after being on the road for over a month and in some pretty extreme heat, not eating enough calories and having the proper nutrition, along with the stress of the route, we started feeling the effects.  In addition to all of this, Steph sprained her knee when she went down in the muddy banks of section 5. When we reached Winona (about 3/4 of the way through the AZBDR) Steph hit a WALL!  She has never felt so depleted in her life. She had zero energy and absolutely no pep in her little step.  We rested up for a few days in both Sedona and Flagstaff and then pushed on to finish the BDR.  We then rode the Cortez, CO (just beyond the start of the COBDR, which is next on the list) where we have been resting for about 2 weeks.  Steph got some blood work done and has been doing everything she can to rest and recover – including acupuncture and massage – so we can continue our adventure.  It was suggested she have her blood tested as she was having symptoms for diabetes. The results were negative. Yay! After much research and a few appointments, it seems that Steph is suffering from Adrenal Fatigue. So we are staying put until she is strong enough to safely carry on. All the while, I am biting at the bit and ready to carry on NOW!  However, in order for our trip to continue to be successful, and fun, I need to be patient as she was for me and continue on when she has recovered. A few positive things have come out of the rest in Cortez. Steph is recovering very well; she has gotten to meet a lot of my family; and our relationship is stronger than ever as we’ve been able to bring out the best in each other. She has been able to witness me being patient and supportive, and I have witnessed her being strong and courageous during a very difficult time.



  1. It’s wonderful to read about your shared journey! You both set beautiful examples of courage, partnership, listening and honoring your body’s needs. I’m involved with a women’s master mind group and we’ve been discussing “radical self care.” An idea that can be “radical” for women who are accustomed to just “pushing through.” Your “silver lining” to this temporary set back seems to be a strength and balance in your relationship, and wonderful family time! Kudos to you! You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I leave you with this blessing, “Your bodies and lives are blessed and a blessing. The universes healing and strength flows for you both.” Sending you light and love,

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts an blessing Pat. We’re learning to take care of ourselves and to know when to say when. Its sometimes seems easier to push through than take the time to notice what our bodies need.

      1. PS. My wife & I live near Granby, CO which isn’t to far away from the Steamboat leg of the COBDR. When you’re able to continue your journey, please know you are welcome in our home!

      2. What a lovely offering. Thank you! We just might take you up on it. We’ll be in touch in advance if the timing works out.

  2. So sorry to hear of this. But glad you are listening to your bodies as well as your mind. Think of it as regrouping. Wish I was closer. Glad to see people are stepping up to offer aid. PEOPLE out there. These are two wonderful women. Carry on

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