Ladies, start your engines!

May 25, 2015 Tucson, AZ

Whoop! Whoop! We started our first of four BDRs yesterday! Finally, after 2,500 miles. After all this talk. 

Mexico border fence

We completed the majority of Section 1, which took us along mellow dirt and gravel roads within the beautiful rolling hills and peaks of the Coronado National Forest, along the Mexican border for a wee bit, onto private ranches, and finally Las Cienegas National Conservation Area where we walked around the old buildings of the historic Empire Ranch. 35 miles into this section we found a sweet spot next to a plush tree on national forest land at elevation 5,600’ to pitch our tent and watch the sunset.

So nice to stop right where we were and pitched our tent.
So nice to stop right where we were and pitch our tent.

It cooled down to 47F by the time we went hit the hay. Coyotes howling in the distance serenaded us to sleep. Our bikes need servicing…new chains, maybe new sprockets, and front brake cable work so we can install our new handlebar risers so we decided to get that done at a shop in Tucson sooner than later. The risers, I’m told, will help alleviate the horrible sit bone soreness I’ve been having for the past 2,500 miles by essentially scooting me back on the wider part of my seat. The risers will also help us maintain a better position while standing on the foot pegs when off-road. Fingers-crossed my seat issues will be resolved…its been a rough ride. Pun intended. Hopefully the moto shop can service our bikes tomorrow and we can resume Section 2 of the BDR later in the day. We don’t have an appointment – we thought we’d show up when they open at 9:00AM. In our experience most shops will get travelers in right away. We’ll see! For tonight we’ve pitched our tent at a very different spot than last night – an RV/mobile home park outside Tucson. This will make our ride to the shop closer in the morning. And I write this post poolside at 101F…and I can’t complain.

In case you didn’t know, we’re dedicating our challenge of riding four BDRs to raise money for Women’s Funding Alliance who do amazing work to make sure women and girls in Washington have economic opportunities to follow their dreams. Please support our Cause at Crowdrise. Thank you! Crowdriselogo

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