Be careful what you ask for.

May 23, 2015, Ft. Hancock, TX, fleabag motel.

After 2,000 miles of pavement and the frenetic pace of the last hour on I-10 I asked the GPS – with whom I have a love/hate relationship – to find us a non-highway route out of Sierra Blanca towards El Paso. It found just what we were looking for – a 19-mile loop of gravel, and sand that skirted a decrepit railroad line. This was a GPS love moment.

The deep sand got deeper in the several dips where old Lasca Road washed out by river floods of long ago. 5 acres of land in these parts can be yours for $3,000. The only living being we encountered was a jack rabbit that darted out well in front of us. Certainly there were snakes and such off doing their snakes-and-such thing under the dry earth, rocks and scrub.

In two days we start the AZ BDR. Yesterday’s unexpected adventure provided some necessary practice. It’s probably good that I didn’t know this sand was coming, otherwise I might’ve spent the time building up to it worrying and psyching myself out. Skill and preparation are certainly factors in successfully riding challenging terrain, and the mind definitely has the power to override that skill.

Happy bikes after a challenging afternoon.
Happy bikes after a challenging afternoon.

We’ve been on the road for two weeks and we’re still getting the kinks out to find our flow – both with our riding, and with each other. Our travels have been dotted with wonderful, hard, spectacular, boring, scary, hot, chilly, windy, and breathtaking moments. But I guess that’s why we do it – to experience the abundance of life.

Here’s a 2 1/2 minute video of us on a small portion Lasca Road. Enjoy!


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  1. he hee… You’ll be a Sand expert before you know, whether you want to or not. AZ BDR will be a blast! Looking forward to more updates 😉

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