How to add 2+ hours back into your adventurous days.

Shal, May 17, 2015, Camp Wood, TX

We were going to be in Maine for 3.5 months and I had to have some kind of project.  After hearing about some friends who had just completed a 6 month trek on the PCT and how they dealt with food, I decided to apply their process to our trip coming up this spring.  What’s that you ask? DEHYDRATING MEALS!  Wow! What a great idea!  But, wait!  We have NO IDEA what we’re doing!

3 months worth of food ready to be shipped to various destinations.

Off to the library I go to do some research.  I also contacted a couple of friends who gave me a good start with what and how to do this project. We’ll do all the shopping, prepping, dehydrating, packaging, boxing and mailing of 3 months worth of food while we are in Maine.  We purchased an Excalibur 9-Tray Dehydrator and had it shipped to us.  We drove one hour each way to Sam’s Club 3-4 different times to purchase bulk fruits, vegetables and assorted foods.  Then the push was on to get everything dehydrated before it went bad.  We had the dehydrator going nearly 24/7 for about 2.5 months.  Steph cooked up a few meals and we would dehydrate the leftovers. I mixed and matched different vegetables, rices, meats, noodles, eggs, tofu, and our favorite fruits, especially apples.  Most everything that went into the dehydrator took 6-12 hours, so there was plenty of time to do things other than just slave in the kitchen.

We are now seven days into our 3-4 month adventure and loving the yummy dehydrated meals!  We are already seeing and feeling the difference in our traveling days.  We wanted to not only save money, but also eat better and enjoy eating in places along rivers, mountains, plains, oceans and other scenic spots we come across instead of always stopping at restaurants.  Steph cooked a great deal the last big adventure and that was awesome, but it was also very time consuming when you have to grocery shop, cook with one burner, minimal space, and clean up.  That’s A LOT of time spent around food preparation.  Now we take out our one pot, heat up some water, pour in the dehydrated food, and let it rehydrate while we set up/break camp or just relax.  We are currently able to carry 2 weeks worth of food and have yet to have done any grocery shopping.   It’s tasty and so easy!  Yay!  Now, let’s go take a hike or chillax with all that extra time we have.



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