Ride YOUR ride

What’s Ride YOUR ride?

As we were planning our adventure during the spring of 2014 we received a lot of helpful advice from people who’ve done this sort of thing. We wanted to hear what other folks packed, where they went, what gear they used, what challenges they experienced and so on. We were excited and a little nervous since traveling for months at a time on a motorcycle would be a new experience for both of us.

We listened to all the great advice and then decided we just had to get out there and figure it out on our own. We trusted that our style might not look like others’. We agreed to remind each other to check in with what WE wanted when we felt pressure to do such and such because so and so did it another way.  We hired Christa Fleming to design a logo that would inspire us to do it OUR way and to make choices that are right for us and no one else. Whether you ride a motorcycle, bicycle, skis, hybrid car, SUV, wheelchair, paraglider, or scooter, we hope to inspire you to get out and live life on your own terms. You don’t have to quit your job and do something radical. But maybe you can live your life in your unique way, find what makes you feel ALIVE, and Ride YOUR Ride.


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