Actually, There Is a Me in Teamwork

We were all taught There’s No Me in Teamwork. Well we’re here to tell you that sometimes there is. And not just around “that time of the month” if ya know what we’re saying.

The whole notion about always working together, always making decisions together, and treating each situation with equitability is real nice and all, but in reality there are plenty of times when someone has to step up to call the shots. Both Shal and Steph tend towards considering other people’s feelings first when faced with a choice. (Something we’re both working on!) Maybe this sounds familiar in your discussions…”I don’t care, what do YOU want to do?” If we entered into discussion mode every time we faced a decision we’d get nowhere fast. Heck, we’d still be packing up in bikes in Seattle.

Very soon into our trip our natural interests and skills appeared and guided us towards our rightful roles. Now we can pretty much stay out of each other’s way and let the other lead in her domain of expertise. Pretty much but not always. And it’s just WAY easier that way.

Before we even got out of Seattle traffic as we set off last June we determined without even having to say it out loud that Steph would be the lead navigator.  Shal’s mechanical mind and experience put her in position to be the lead mechanic. Steph does the cooking while Shal puts up the tent. And on and on.

One area that we’re equally matched is in our sociability. While traveling on our bikes we get approached by people A LOT.  Its kind of like being famous – well, not that bad – people love to approach us to ask what we’re doing, where we’re going, and if we carry a gun. We enjoy meeting people and getting local advice, and admittedly feeling special. And, sometimes we both get really tired and annoyed with it – especially when we’re hungry or its raining. Somehow it works out that when one of us isn’t in the mood the other is…so as a unit we can hope to not come across as standoffish. Well there was that one time in upper Michigan when an older gentleman was walking towards us with that familiar inquisitive look and we’re both like “Don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact” quickly put our helmets on and sped off. 90% of the time, at least one of us will smile and engage.


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